The London Ear 355 – Interview with Áine Duffy

Aine Duffy is wearing a white dress sitting pn the crowbar of a horsebox painted red

Interview with Áine Duffy

I was delighted to catch up with Áine Duffy on this week’s episode of The London Ear. Áine is an amazing lady! She’s really talented singer songwriter who has been working as a full time musician for many years. She’s also a serious DIY enthuasist and during lockdown decided to take things into her own hands (literally) and build her own tiny home in Cork.

Now, this is something I am super interested in. I’d love to do a house conversion or build a tiny home and make it as green as possible. Sometimes though, when you’re looking at stuff online, it can all seem a bit daunting. Where do you even start? It was great to hear about Áine’s experiences. If building a tiny house wasn’t enough, Aine also converted a horsebox into the ‘Duffbox’, a mobile stage that has enabled her to play Covid safe gigs. The ‘Duffbox’ also doubles as a camper

I first met Áine in the late noughties but haven’t seen or spoken to her since then. I love how The London Ear enables me to catch up with people I knew before I moved to London, as well as being able to shine even a tiny light on people’s projects and art. Check out ‘I Don’t Think You’re Ready’ an awesome medley from 2011. I think it’s still a cracker!

If you’d like to find out more about Áine’s music you can check out her website,, Twitter, Facebook and Insta and you can also see her house in the TG4 feature below.

The London Ear 355 // September 11 2021 Playlist

Here what was on the playlist for today’s episode of The London Ear.

1. Klubber Lang: I Will Not Wait
2. Whipping Boy: Twinkle
3. A Ritual Sea: Radiate
4. Molly Burman: Everytime
5. Cat Dowling: Freedom
6. Interview with Aine Duffy Part 1
7. Aine Duffy: Won’t Go
8. Interview with Aine Duffy Part 2
9. Aine Duffy: I’ll Wear White
10. Wornoc: Rising Tides
11. The Crayon Set: Summer Song (Giu Boratto Rework)

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Check out the video for Áine’s current single ‘I’ll Wear White’