The London Ear 351 // Long live the 90s!

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Long live the 90s!

I’ve taken a couple of weeks off and was back in Ireland. Yay! But, I didn’t want to abandon my dear listeners so I decided for the next few weeks, I would do a few throwback shows to another era.

First up, The Nineties, when Britpop ruled. Lots of the music I played on today’s show reminded me of when I was DJing on pirate radio stations in the 90s. They sounded awesome the first time around and I still love them today. Hope you enjoy them too!

The London Ear 351 – Playlist August 8 2021

Here’s what was on playlist today for The London Ear.

1. Dreadzone: Little Britain
2. Garbage: #1 Crush
3. Oasis: Live Forever
4. The Cardigans: Erase and Rewind
5. Primal Scream: Loaded
6. The Cranberries: Zombies
7. The Zutons: Valerie
8. Space: Female of The Species
9. Blur: On Your Own
10. Suede: Trash
11. David McAlmont + Bernard Butler: Yes
12. Skunk Anansie: Hedonism
13. Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus
14. Saint Etienne: He’s On The Phone

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Next show: Old Skool and Anthems!