The London Ear 336 // Twin Diver In Conversation

Twin Diver Interview on The London Ear with Nessymon

In Conversation with Twin Diver

Hello! Happy Easter and all that. Welcome to episode 336 of The London Ear where I’m joined by those loveable scamps, Twin Diver.

From the opening notes of ‘Television’, I loved Twin Diver’s sound. Even though the this is the duo’s first single, the experience they’ve gained in their previous musical exploits gave shone through. The pair have honed their sound beautifully. And it all came together in lockdown.

Ben and Jonathan are from Ballivor in Co. Meath, not too far away from where I’m from. They’ve also spent time in South East London, so we had lots to chat about. Unfortunately, the situation for the pair changed when Covid-19 hit, leaving them to move back to Ireland for a bit. So, they are hoping to return to London in the future.

We had a great chat about their sound, songwriting and their progression as musicians. It will be really interesting to see what happens for the lads. ‘Television’ is a great way musical debut. The hard work starts now to follow it up.

You can find out more about the band here on their Linktree or on their Insta page

Nessy chats with Twin Diver on Zoom for The London Ear.
Zoom Chats with Twin Diver

The London Ear Apr 3 2021 // Playlist

Here’s what was on the menu for today’s show:

1. Bright Falls: The Widows Homes (FĒNIX Remix)
2. HAVVK: No Patience
3. Paul Quin: A Better Place
4. Adrian Crowley: Northbound Stowaway
5. Chat with Twin Diver
6. Twin Diver: Television
7. Blanáid: Fools Gold
8. Travi The Native: Love Doesn’t Stand A Chance
9. Keeley: The Glitter and The Glue
10. Hawke The Band: Pinch Me

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