The London Ear 327 // Carrie Baxter + Hawke The Band

Irish music on The London Ear with Nessy - green roundel on a London skyline

The London Ear 327 // Carrie Baxter + Hawke The Band

Hello! Finally getting through January 2021 and to brighten up all our days, I’m delighted to be able to feature two London based Irish musical acts, Carrie Baxter and Hawke The Band, on this week’s episode of The London Ear.

Conversation with Carrie Baxter

Carrie Baxter promo shot - headshot with a reddish hue
Carrie Baxter

Ah, I loved chatting to Carrie Baxter. Carrie was just so open about her musical journey, including the financial aspects of juggling a job and a music career as a solo artist. I found our conversation to be a breath of fresh air. Carrie moved to London in 2009, we chatted about her days in musical theatre, songwriting and much more.

Carrie’s single ‘Pray’ is out now, you can find out more on Twitter and Facebook and buy Carrie’s music on Bandcamp.

Conversation with Hawke The Band

Richie and Eoghan from Hawke The Band - promo shot outdoors
Hawke The Band

Eoghan and Richie, now known as ‘Hawke The Band’ are old friends of The London Ear. I last had a conversation with the lads last summer about their release ‘The Covid Diary’. The lads have set themselves a mammoth task of releasing twelve singles in 2021.

As well as their music, we managed to chat about houseplants and motorcycles, where else would you get it?

Catch up with the lads on social at Twitter, Facebook and Insta.

The London Ear 327 // 30 Jan 21 Playlist

Here’s what this week’s playlist on The London Ear looked like:

1. Cathal Coughlan: Song of Co-Aklan
2. Chat with Carrie Baxter (Part 1)
3. Carrie Baxter: 4/4 (Love Affair)
4. Chat with Carrie Baxter (Part 2)
5. Carrie Baxter: Pray
6. Chat with Richie and Eoghan from Hawke The Band
7. Hawke The Band: Gonna Be Alright
8. Skanger: A Chance to Count The Cost

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If you missed last week’s show, you can check it out here.