The London Ear 326 // In Conversation with Danny G

The London Ear, Danny G in Conversation

The London Ear // In Conversation with Danny G

Woah! What an absolute stomper of a programme we have today. I’m thrilled to chat to Danny G of Danny G and The Major 7ths, about his new album ‘The Lookout’.

Danny’s music has a soulful funky style which, to be honest, always makes me think of summer days and good times. He is an extremely talented singer and songwriter and extremely humble. It’s not hard to see why so many other brilliant musicians want to collaborate with him.

I really enjoyed the chat with Danny. We chatted about his background, musicians he admires as well as love songs and songs with social commentary having a place in the world.

Today’s episode also gave me the opportunity to do something which I haven’t done before. Danny comes from a very musical family, his Dad, Jack has released a few albums. I had previously known ‘The Gorgeous Colours’ which featured Tim Groenland and I always presumed they were brothers. Danny confirmed this during our chat. Knowing that Paj is also a brother gave me the opportunity to give listeners a triple whammy of Groenland goodness. Looking back, I wish I left Stevie Wonder out and played some music from Dad, Jack. Maybe next time.

You can find out more about Danny G and his music on his website and you buy a copy of ‘The Lookout’ on vinyl from Bandcamp.

Check out the video for ‘When It All Runs Out’

During the course of our conversation, myself and Danny spoke about songwriting which incorporated social commentary. Danny explained that a trip to his wife’s home country of Venezuela, and news about the country’s oil production inspired the song, ‘When It All Runs Out’. Check out the video below.

The London Ear 326 // 23 Jan 2021 Playlist

Here’s the playlist for today’s episode of The London Ear, featuring, three members of the same family in three different musical acts. I think that’s a first. Here’s what was on today’s playlist.

1. Danny G & The Major 7ths feat Fehdah and Zaska: Time The Healer
2. Interview with Danny G (Part 1)
3. Danny G & The Major 7ths: Call Me
4. Interview with Danny G (Part 2)
5. Danny G & The Major 7ths: When It All Runs Out
6. The Gorgeous Colours: It’s OK to Be Normal
7. Stevie Wonder: If You Really Love Me
8. Paj feat Zeenie Summers, Rob De Boer, Uly, Fiachra Kinder & Joe Furlong : Superman

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