The London Ear 317 // Two by Two: Overboard!

Two by Two Overboard! Movie Poster on a Blue background

The London Ear 317 // Two by Two: Overboard!

On today’s programme I was delighted to be joined by Co-Director, Séan McCormack and Producer, Moe Honan, from ‘Two by Two: Overboard!’ The little indie Irish animated film which recently went to number one in the UK Box Office.

I find out lots about the world of film and animation, we chat about remote working and how Covid has effected the release of the film.

Sean McCormack

Seán McCormack was born in Ireland, grew up in Luxemborg and went to Uni in England. He’s now living in London and is a successful animator and director.

You can find out more about him and his work at his website.

Moe Honan is a CEO of Moetion Films is based on the GMIT campus in Galway.

You can check out their work on their website.

We had a tiny issue with the audio when Moe starts speaking at the beginning of the interview, we resolve it so please stick with it.

The London Ear 317 // November 14 2020 – Playlist

Here’s the rundown of what was on this week’s episode of The London Ear.
1. Bitch Falcon: Martyr
2. Josh McClorey: Crazy
3. Siights: A Little Lonely
4. For Those I Love: Top Scheme
5. Ailbhe Reddy: Looking Happy
6. One Morning in August: End of Days (Part 2)
7. Orla Gartland: Pretending
8. From The Soundtrack to Two by Two Overboard: The Colony Theme – Stand For hope
9. Chat with Co-Director Seán McCormack and Producer, Moe Honan from the film ‘Two by Two: Overboard!’
10. From The Soundtrack to Two by Two Overboard: Daves Log Flying
11. Uppbeat: Tin Can Man
12. Revelino: What Emily Said

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