The London Ear 260 // UPPBEAT

Irish urban artist Uppbeat promo shot

Hello! Welcome to this week’s episode of The London Ear.

Living away from home is a weird thing. I try to keep up with music in London and with Irish music at home, not wanting to lose my connection with it. But, I’m not there going to gigs in The Academy on a Tuesday night, I will miss things, I know that.

Chat with UPPBEAT

I was delighted recently when UPPBEAT got in touch on Insta. We were chatting away and he sent me his new track. I was blown away. I couldn’t wait to get the chance to play this on the radio for you.

The production is massive, it sounds huge but the lyrical content what was what really got me. UPPBEAT straight out tackles toxic masculinity and looks at suicide in the West of Ireland in his track. The upbeat track (no pun intended) delivers a beautiful juxtaposition with the lyrics. This is an hugely important Irish track.

I’m delighted that UPPBEAT joined me on the programme today to chat about his life, song and his career so far and his now famous, nay, infamous deliveroo jacket branding.

He’s a good bloke and deserves much success. You can find out more about him on Facebook and on Insta.

The London Ear September 28 2019 Playlist

1. Oh Wonder: Hallelujah
2. Love Shrine: Late David Turpin feat Xona
3. Cry Monster Cry: Tides
4. Stevie Cliff: Postcard from Queens
5. EllyD: Ghosts
6. Chat with Uppbeat Part 1
7. Chat with Uppbeat: Purple Lights
8. Chat with Uppbeat Part 2
9. Uppbeat: Hold Me Close
10. Jay Pryor & Steve James: Finding our Way
11. Simon Herron: Be A Hero
12. Girl Band: Salmon of Knowledge

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Here’s the video to Hold Me Close