The Lisbon Treaty: VOTE YES!

coir cow

Now normally I couldn’t give a rats ass about politics in our little isle but it’s starting to annoy me so I’m going to get this out of my system now.

People of Ireland are you mad?
The first time, you voted no to being a part of Europe so we have to give it a second shot in October.

This time can you Vote Yes please?

Ireland is a tiny dot off the west coast of Europe. We have a population which is 1% of the total European population. Why should a country of 4 million have the same voting power as a country of 80 million.. It shouldn’t!

Ireland joined the EEC in the early 1970’s. I remember my mum saying that people said if Ireland joined the EEC a pound of butter would cost a pound. Yeah it does/did but what did Europe do for us.

First things farmers got grants, loads of them! Europe updated Ireland’s infrastructure. Our roads were crap when I was a kid. As new ones were being built they were accompanied by roadside signs, funded by the European Commission. (cheers)

If I remember correctly Ireland is also the country which the European Union has to pump most money into!

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We need to be part of Europe, Scare mongering by different lobby groups is ridiculous. Minimum wage wont drop to €1.84, what’s with the ‘Milked Dry’ posters and a big picture of a cow on it ?

Due to blasphemy laws in Ireland I cant say ‘For Chri$ts Sake, Cop on!’ so I’ll just say Ireland vote Yes, we need to be a part of Europe, we are an island and one that quite easily be forgotten about.

400 million people are not going to stop for 4 million.


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