The Hundred Flower Campaign EP Review


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Arriving from different incarnations, The Hundred Flower Campaign came into existence in October 2008. it’s not suprising that the members have played together in different guises, the band are tight, cohesive and their individual sounds gel really well together.

The Wexford quartet play funky rock, or rock with a groove. ‘Jazz Wolfe in the House of Orange’ has a distinct Chili Pepper feel (I really like the soundbites at the very start of the track).

‘Hi-Lo’ has a hook that will have you singing ‘Hi-Lo’ long after the track has finished. The funky ‘Feeline’ has a good vibe and ‘Tijuana’ starts with a catchy bass/drum combo but I feel these tracks would have been better if the lead vocal was slighter higher in the mix.

The final instrumental track ‘Tapestry’ has an Indian feel to with, acoustic instruments and percussion is a nice suprise. The track is mixed really well, the production is good!

Launched on July 4th 2009 this is a good introduction to The Hundred Flower Campaign looking forward to more of their funky vibes!

4.5 out of 6

…nessy out!