The Gandhis: You Are My Friend Review

GandhisThe Gandhis are a quirky little band. They released their debut single ‘Zaza’ a couple of years ago which I reviewed for, a ska inspired infectious track and always seem maintain a ‘hard to pigeon hole’ status.

The new single, ‘You Are My Friend’ shows off the unique sound the band have. It has a slight sixties throwback feel with melodic vocals and brass section giving a street carnival feel to it. The Gandhis have been clever with the production on this, they’ve avoided a saccharin coating which could have put this in the same vein as Take That’s ‘Up All Night’. Instead they’ve allowed a rawness to remain which places them on a level with Mumford and Sons or Noah and The Whale. Going by the amount of instruments used on this, a live show would be a huge amount of fun. Uplifting.

They’ve chosen a cover as track 2 on the disc, Jackie Wilson’s ‘Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher’. Such a classic, this could go either way. It chooses the good route. The band remain faithful to the original, great musicianship, nice harmonies. This track shows a great lead vocal.

This band seem just to go from strength to strength, two really good tracks.

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‘You Are My Friend’ is released on March 4th