The Frank and Walters: The Parson Review

Frank and Walters

There’s something about The Frank and Walters, you may never have heard the song before but you just know its them. That’s what ‘The Parson’ was like for this writer. Maybe its the clever basslines, the jangly guitar sound, the muted snare drum? Maybe its all that and more.

‘The Parson’ is the first of four single that The Frank and Walters will release this year to coincide with the changing of the seasons. Representing Spring, The Parson is a catchy tune, with lyrics that tell quite a visual story of the ‘village and villagers’.

So this is the first of four? If this is Spring, Summer is going to be fantastic! The official campaign starts here: The Franks & Walters for my Summer soundtrack!

The Franks, you have been away too long!