The Fallen Drakes: Death of An Actress Review

The Fallen DrakesI’ve seen the name The Fallen Drakes on the internet a few times over the past week or two, they are finalists in a TodayFM competition to play at Glastonbury. So is it a popularity contest or are they any good?

The first noticeable thing is the quality of the production, this sounds big budget, clean but not too clean, giving a good idea how the band could sound live. ‘Masquerade’ is a good intro to the band. The track builds from guitar and vocal to a rousing chorus. The band know what they are good at and do it extremely well. This could be on radio anywhere.

From the offset, ‘Don’t Cry’ is a grittier track, again, rousing to anthemic stature. This is pretty much stadium rock for the now, contemporary sounds matched with classic song writing.

My favourite track from the EP is ‘Lights On’ an upbeat track, clever backing vox, a great rhythm and nice guitar work. There’s an ever so subtle effect on the lead vocal too takes it out of the norm. The band may do well with their other tracks but for me this is the one to break them elsewhere. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the opening bars of this used on TV or adverts. Killer!

No sooner than I say that, ‘Love Again’ starts with a ‘She Sells Sanctuary’ guitar at the beginning and here the vocals could be compared to Morten Harket. These guys have me confused a little. I’m not 100% sure if they’re pop or indie, which market would they do best in?

For once I’m not going to try to disect it too much, I really like these guys and if they are only starting like this, there’s going to be a long career ahead.