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The Curtain Thieves EP Review


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Hailing from Dundalk, The Curtain Thieves have entered our planet with a 4 track EP.

Track one ‘Time of your life’ kicks off with a nice dirrrty guitar sound and the band nail their colours with an Artic Monkeys/The Strokes influence showing through. The Artic Monkeys influence shines through in this track in how certain parts of the vocals are delivered.

‘Marlida’ shows the band expand their contemporary influences and mix them with a classic rock feel. Tip for the band on track three: the lyric goes .. ‘I need some Karma, lend me your vodka’. Never lend anyone alcohol, you wont get it back!

The final track on the EP, ‘ Travis Bickle’ is sure to be a live sing-a-long with its ‘Hey – Hey’ refrain. The band show a little more vigor and this track, for this listener, has a more immediate impact.

This is a good solid start from The Curtain Thieves, a little more experience and a little more fairy dust on the faders and knobs during production could see these guys grow in stature. I’m looking forward to see how they develop. A good rock solid debut.

4 out of 6

….nessy out!