The Aftermath: The Power of Love Review

The Aftermath

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Its not necessarily a good idea for band trying to ‘make it’ to release a cover version. The Aftermath though, have just sent a radio only single to media. The band have already notched up three top twenty singles and a top twenty album with their own original music.What makes this different is its a cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s classic ‘The Power of Love’ but more importantly, its bloody brilliant.

The Aftermath stay faithful to the original but singer Johnny Cronin brings a tenderness and frailty to this version that hasn’t been felt in the original song in a long time.

The production is clear, and crisp, and often quite haunting as the band have recaptured the essence of this 1984 classic.

You can’t buy it, I haven’t seen it or heard it online, the only way you can is to request it from your local radio station.

After The Aftermath having a great ‘noughties’ this is an immense way to finish off the decade and they show they are comfortable in their own skins by not being afraid of conquering this magnificent cover.

Can I give 10 out of 6?