Talking about ‘Coming Out’ on TalkRADIO

Talking about ‘Coming Out’ on TalkRADIO

June 25th was London’s Pride parade. I’m not hugely into all that. I normally stay on the sidelines but I do see why Pride is so important to LGBT people. We’re all normal, sometimes it takes others a little bit longer to see that.

All the wise inspirational quote people on social media always say to do something you’ve never done before everyday. Slightly impossible methinks. They also say something that scares you everyday. So, when the producer of the Anna Williamson show on TalkRADIO asked me to go on air and talk about coming out, I agreed.

Yip, it was scary and it’s not something I’ve ever spoken in public about really.

Thanks to Anna and producer, Des Busteed, for being so nice and of course to Maeve, often referred to as Talulah on these webpages. We were 16 years together on June 25th 2016.

Here’s the interview: