Dublin Transport Map

New Dublin Transport Map Unveiled

I do love a good map. Old maps, new maps, maps of countries that don't exist any more. The London Underground Map is iconic and a work of genius. But there's never been anything like it for Dublin, until now.... More...
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Train: California 37 Trailer

Train aren't a particularly cool band, just as well I'm not cool cos I absolutely adored them when I saw them in Vicar St in October 2010. Here's the trailer for their new album 'California 37' and I laughed ou... More...
AT & T Park - Screenshot from Askon video


2010 has been a strange year. It's had its up and downs and some stuff happened that made me really think about what matters most.
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Train at Vicar St

I saw Train on Monday in Vicar St, one of the best gigs I've ever been to. You can read the review on Goldenplec. Here's the photo of the audience frontman Pat Monahan took during If It's Love. I'm sitting on t... More...
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Tune of the Week: 12/4/2010

The Bay Area for some reason keeps cropping up this week and this evening I'm meeting me buddy Timbo who's heading back there tomorrow. I love the place.. I wanna go! As for Train, I can't remember a time when I didn't listen to them. This week's Tune of th... More...