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San Francisco Giants’ All Stars

San Francisco Giants. This year's All Star Game takes place on July 12 at Chase Field, Phoenix, Arizona, where as a side note, there is also a Gaelic Football Club. Anyway, this year's representatives from t... More...
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Cody and Keenan Fundraiser

This is cool, Social Media Megastar Keenan Cahill is joined by San Francisco Giants, Brian Wilson and Cody Ross and also by Team Mascot Lou Seal. Together they do their thing along to Taio Cruz's Dynamite. All ... More...
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Brian Wilson on Lopez Tonight

My favourite sports person EVER, Brian Wilson, appeared on George Lopez the other night to promote the new MLB 2K11 game. Can't wait until Spring Training starts again in a few weeks, you can smell the new season already. Go Giants! Here's Brian, I dare you n... More...
AT & T Park - Screenshot from Askon video


2010 has been a strange year. It's had its up and downs and some stuff happened that made me really think about what matters most.
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Too Much Awesome On My Feet

San Francisco Giants reliever Brian Wilson is the coolest sports person I've ever seen. Just so cool, nice mohawk, tats, just doesn't care yet he goes and kills it on the baseball field. He is a ninja/mental assassin and has too much awesome on his feet! He... More...