Stylus Vinyl // Vinyl and Wine straight to your door

stylus vinyl - vinyl and wine -Nessymon

stylus vinyl - vinyl and wine -Nessymon

Get vinyl and wine straight to your door

Here’s something a little different.

Stylus Vinyl is a brand new subscription venture bringing vinyl and wine together. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like kicking back, sticking on a great album and having a nice drinkiepoos of a night.

Every month, you’ll get an album on vinyl and a wine that has been chosen especially, to compliment the music.

Russ Cook is one of the people behind Stylus Vinyl. He’s been a proper working musician for years and he’s also a journo who writes about music, events and is a Walking Dead nerd. I’ve got to know Russ recently, he’s a good guy.

What’s in the box?

Stylus Vinyl have teamed up with Great Western Wine and wine expert, Angela Mount, to chose a wine which will compliment and capture the essence of the music you’re listening to.

It’s a really interesting idea and I for one will be interested in seeing what wines are selected to compliment albums over the next while. I’ve heard of synesthesia, where people see colours when listening to music so I think it would be really interesting to see how taste and different types of wine would effect and compliment the tunes.

But what of the music? Stylus Vinyl have teamed up with the big boys so plans are underway to bring albums by Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Amy Whitehouse, Massive Attack, The Strokes and Jay-Z and Prince.

In every package, you’ll get an album on vinyl, a chosen bottle of vino, interviews with music and wine experts, and artwork created by an independent illustrator, inspired by the particular pairing.

How much does Stylus Vinyl cost?

So the package costs £35 plus postage every month. You can sign up for one month or month by month (like me) or you can do a 3 month or 12 month pre-pay which comes in handy as Christmas pressie time approaches.

Give it a go, expand your music and wine knowledge and turn a night in into something special.

Sign up at . Sign up before September 30 to get the very first edition!

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