Student Media Awards Shortlist

I’m delighted and thrilled to say I’m on the Shortlist for two categories, Blog of the Year and Radio DJ of the Year.

It’s great to see that someone recognises the work and time you put into something.

Congrats to all the DCUfm crew who got nominated.

Click on the images to go to the nice people who organise the whole thing

Radio DJ of The Year
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Blog of the Year
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I’m absolutely thrilled especially when I was lucky to even be in college last semester after messing up my leg. Good ole DCUfm gave me something to look forward to and writing my blog was something I started taking seriously (well, you know what I mean) when I ended up in hospital. I had lots of time so I decided to write.. and here’s the blog!

Super chuffed.. not sure what else to say.

Final nominations are out the week of April 5th.