Stephen Gately RIP

Stephen RIPIt 530 am, I’ve just done my usual wake up, check what game is on ESPN and have a look at twitter.

Within five seconds of twittering, it became apparent that gut wrenchingly and shockingly true that Stephen Gately has passed away in his sleep.

Stephen was one of five guys who became Ireland’s first proper pop stars in the modern era. The Boyzone singer grew up in public, being the youngest in the group and probably paved the way for members of others boybands to let their sexuality be known.

Stephen’s career took a slightly different road when Boyzone split up, when he became a West End star before the band reformed in 2008.

Stephen married his partner, Andrew, in 2006 in the UK.

According to sources Stephen died in his sleep while on holiday. He was 33.

My condolences to Andrew, Stephen’s family and friends.

Stephen’s photo from here