Spirit of The Club: Emmet Drumbaragh

emmet drumbaragh crest

emmet drumbaragh crestYou may or may not have heard about the competition that The Star newspaper is running in conjunction with TG4 .

The competition is entitled ‘ SPIRIT OF THE CLUB ‘ and the All Ireland winner will be announced at the All- Ireland Club Finals in Croke Park on Paddy’s day. The winning club will receive 10,000 Euro You can imagine how many clubs went forward for this competition, consequently , provincial winners were selected I am very PROUD to say that my own club EMMET DRUMBARAGH in Meath will be representing Leinster in the competition.

The following are extracts from our application
‘We are a young , ambitious club, trying to improve so it can help the wider community ‘
‘a new committee has been appointed with the average age of the members under 30’
‘We have also come back from losing two young star players through tragedy .It is their memory that Spirit of the Club has risen and become more determined to succeed , more determined to win and more determined to embrace and build a true a GAA Community spirit of which we are immensely proud of’ ‘

To vote, textClub 3 to 53306 (ROI) or  81108 (NI) Being in the final four is a fantastic honour, Emmet Drumbaragh deserve more, they literally are, the heart and soul of the community. Thanks for voting.

This blog post has been written by my sister Cory.