Simon Fagan: Outside Looking in Review

Simon Fagan in EgyptNavan man Simon Fagan releases his debut album, ‘Outside Looking In’, this week. The first thing I noticed was that this was a well rounded album, made to be played in its entirety. Saying that tracks work well individually but together they become a proper album, something that seems to have been lacking with artists lately.

The opening track, ‘Something I Don’t Know’ eases you into it with a nice build up, nice harmonies and great production. The excellent lead single ‘Damn Honey’ cements Fagan’s sound for the album.

Simon’s style could be classed as in the Folk/Rock genre but he’s different from what most of us would consider folk rock. Fagan’s full band productions and orchestral arrangements take him to a different level.

The running order is perfect giving the album the right amount of highs and lows in all the right places. Keep an eye out for possible singles, ‘Memphis’ and ‘Won’t Let Go’, which is almost Paolo Nutini flavoured.

Overall this doesn’t seem like a debut but the result of a well seasoned songwriter and performer, confident in his ability. This should do well.