Should’ve brought my bag!

Take 2 Day 2, Technically its day 3 at this stage its 6.40am

I’m back in this familiar place, I’m actually back in the very same bed as when I was here in May.

I knew there was a possibility that if anything happened me the ‘powers that be’ would bring me back into hospital. I just didn’t think it would actually happen.

I went for my routine INR bloodcheck on Thursday to the Warfarin clinic. My leg has been sore over the past week so I asked to speak to the nurse about my concerns. She told me I had to go straight to A&E 🙁

I decided that I would go home and get my bag with jammies, toiletries and books and be ready to stay.

I was back in A&E about four and began the long process of waiting to see a doctor.

The triage nurse saw me and sent me back to the waiting room. Two hours later I was called in for reassessment and sent back to the waiting room. Another while passed and I was reassessed again. I eventually got to see a doctor at 1am.

He told me what I already knew, I needed to get a Doppler scan to see if the DVT had got bigger. So he checked me over and asked why I had come to A&E. Er cos the nurse told me to..

He then told me I could sleep ‘in my own bed’ tonight but come back in the morning for the scan.

So yesterday I went for the scan and there seems to be two DVTs in my leg. That’s a problem, there was only one. So either a piece broke off and moved down my leg or its a new one. Oh the joy!

I was admitted last evening and I’m actually in the very same bed as I was the last time I was here. I had left my packed bag at home. It seems like everytime I leave it at home they bring me in. Should’ve brought my bag!