Sheppard // Geronimo // BalconyTV

I know I posted this on Facebook last week, but I really do have to add it here. Geronimo is Australia’s biggest selling single of the year and Sheppard are now venturing outside Oz to show the rest of the world what they are made of.

They’ve been touring like mentallers over the past while. They are in the UK and Ireland at the moment and are due to make an appearance at the Electric Picnic in Co Laois next weekend.

Here’s they are in Los Angeles though, doing some Balcony TV stuff. No, I’m not envious of the view, or the sunshine (it’s pissing rain outside right now) what I am envious of is the awesome live sound Balcony TV and teamed up with Sheppard to get. Plus this is all one camera shot.

Fine piece of work ladies and gents, fine piece of work.