Seán Kangataran: Album Review

Sean Kangataran
Los Angeles based Irishman Seán Kangataran released his debut album in late 2010.  It’s quite a find too.

Seán’s music is acoustic indie. Throughout brass sections fill the album with something quite different. Vocally there’s something reminiscent of Duke Special about Seán, where he stands out on his own though is through the honesty and storytelling in his lyrics. This is especially seen on the sparsely produced ‘Not the Hurt that Hurts’.

Top tracks for this writer are ‘Be the Dust’ and ‘Hairpins’. ‘Be the Dust’ is an uptempo track with a radio friendly chorus and a great drum track. ‘Hairpins’ blends vocal effects and acoustic guitar in its intro before builiding to an chorus that explodes with energy and sound.

An acoustic album like this one isn’t anything new but Kangataran takes his lyrics and melodies and turns his ideas into well worked songs which beautifully address your emotions. This album gets better and better with every listen, perfect for a mellow chilled out evening. Well worth a listen.

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