ReViewedOn Wednesday evening last I had the pleasure of going along to the opening of Seán Hillen‘s new exhibition, ReViewed at The Copper House Gallery in Synge Street in Dublin. For those of you who are familiar with Seán’s work, you probably would recognize some or all of these pieces.

Alongside Les and Maureen Wolnich and their team in The Copper House Gallery, Sean has scanned his pieces to a large format scale. As Sean’s pieces are normally quite small, details which were easily missed, can now be seen. Sean has previously worked in his photo collage style on small scale formats but seeing them like this shows the precision, including jagged edges and an occasional cut too far and amount of time and work that went into the original pieces. This really has given these pieces a second life.

The venue for the exhibition is The Copper House Gallery, coming in from a small side street I wasn’t expecting a gallery that is spacious and open. There’s a lovely welcoming vibe in the gallery, helped along by smiles from everyone involved. I had a lovely chat too with Maureen who showed me around and told me about some upcoming events. Stay tuned, you’ll hear more.

This was a really lovely evening, good art in a beautiful location and a lovely opportunity to catch up with some friends, old and new. ReViewed runs in The Copper House Gallery until March 2nd. You can hear me speak to Seán Hillen in this week’s Culture Cafe on RTE 2XM on Wednesday at 10am.

L-R Lezek Wolnik, Copper House Gallery, Tanya Klang, Gallery of Photography, Seán Hillen at the opening of 'Reviewed' at The Copper House Gallery