Culture Café #7 //Scott De Buitléir // Founder of

Firstly, I have to apologise. I should have had this podcast online last week. Work was a bit mental and I was wrecked so apologies to this week’s guest Scott De Buitléir.

So, who is Scott De Buitléir? Scott is the presenter of The Cosmo, a LGBT radio show on RTE Pulse and he also writes for The Huffington Post. More recently, Scott has founded, an Irish based online magazine for the LGBT community.

Eile was founded in 2013 and during our conversation, we chat about why Scott wanted to set up the magazine and why he wanted to contribute a magazine to the LGBT community. We spoke about what stories are covered in the magazine and also about the podcast which is also attached to Eile.

Scott was very honest and open about how the magazine runs, how it will always be free for readers and opening up to advertisers. I also thought it was pretty cool how he described Eile as a magazine you could let your Granny pick up and read.

The website,, is updated every day and each month an online magazine edition is published.

It’s great to have people with ‘get up and go’, that just aren’t all talk but are also actions. It’s also brilliant to know that everyone involved with Eile is a volunteer and having contributors across the globe gives a genuine world views of LGBT issues.

Have a read of the August edition of in the widget below.