Samuel Arnold: City Boy EP Review

SAMUEL ARNOLDDublin based singer songwriter released his City Boy EP this week. The four track offers a great introduction to this new artist.

The lo fi, simple production suits this EP completely, letting Arnold’s vocals and finger plucking guitar style speak for themselves. This isn’t another ‘oh poor me’ singer songwriter, Arnold lets his quirks show and this sets him apart. His lyrical style seems to have his tongue slightly in his cheek but manages to be spot on the money.

On the title track ‘City Boy’ Arnold says ‘got laptop burn marks on my laps & I play console to console my lack of the physical’. Ah yes, the potential loneliness of city living.

Arnold seems to write tons of lyrics for each track but they never seem to be over crowded with his laid back vocals and guitar style. ‘Tickly Teeth’ shows Arnold in a playful mood, with some Irish and French thrown in for good measure and some effective backing vocals. Oh, he also tells the story from the view point of a doggy. Very Clever!

It will be interesting to see what direction Arnold takes from here but he has something different. And I like it.