Saccade: See How They Fly Review


I wrote this for MusicReviewUnsigned, when I get a direct link I will update.

The last time I heard of Saccade they were playing a lunchtime gig in B.C.F.E., I was eating while they did their load in.

The band have grown in stature since their debut in 07 ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’. The new single ‘See How They Fly’ is taken from their debut album ‘Last Tango’.

The first notes of the new single tip a hat at the current electronica phase, sounds like these wouldn’t sound out of place of Delphic’s current album. The guitars kick in to establish the track as a great rock song.

This is a well structured song and its refrain will get in your head and stay there for hours. Great guitar hooks, good vocals, massive drumming, great length for radio.

5 out of 6