Saccade: Force of Habit Review

Force of HabitGetting a pre release copy of a new release is a good thing, getting it before anyone even knows the master exists can be a bit of a kick. Especially if it’s good.

Saccade made their way to our airwaves during 2010 with tracks like ‘Wastin my Time’ and ‘See How They Fly’, given the quality of the album ‘Force of Habit’, 2011 should be a good year for them.

The album starts with the no nonsense rocking of ‘Wasting Me Time’. Despite the fact that there are a few previous singles here, I love that Saccade have obviously put the same amount of work into tracks I haven’t heard before. Production or song writing quality doesn’t dip. Throughout the album Saccade show us that while they do have their own sound, each track is different enough never to become boring. The sexed up ‘Last Tango’ sits perfectly on this album with the piano led ‘Hang On’.

Tracks already released to radio seem to act as chapter markers on the disc, introducing us to a new aspect of the band each time. Chances of pace and style don’t throw this album at all. We are guided through ebb and flow that is ‘Force of Habit’ with ease.

It’s hard to pinpoint Saccade’s influences here, there are hat tips to the Chilis and Foo Fighters but its also so diverse that “Muff’ features vocals that Simon Le Bon would be thrilled to do.

It’s great to see the first new album of 2011 be an album, a complete collection. This gives an amazing insight into the talent that is Saccade. Loving this album, it gets better with every listen. This could be their year.