Ryan Sheridan: The Dreamer Review

Ryan Sheridan DreamerI’ll be the first to admit that while I really liked ‘Jigsaw’ when I saw Ryan live I was hoping there would be another cracker in there. I wasn’t 100% sure but now I’ve heard this, I actually prefer this to Jigsaw.

You’ve still got Ryan’s trademark guitar style and Artur’s cajon playing but this is a bit more rocky and during the refrain Ryan sounds uncannily like Rob Thomas, which is a good thing in my books.

The production on the track is really clever, it doesn’t overcrowd the sound that everyone has got to know Ryan for.  Bass line subtleties, hi hats and snares never take away from Ryan’s distinct sound.

What’s more, with this track, Ryan could easily take over AOR radio in the US. Really great move as a second single.