Running Up That Hill..

I’m starting to feel a bit better myself even if my leg isn’t. Ten weeks ago I thought I would have had videos made, web sites done, loads of writing done but being ill can make things not work out quite as planned.

It’s about eight weeks til I’m back in college so, to be honest, I really don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted an entire Summer. For so long I wanted to do different things but didn’t have the time or the ‘balls’ to go for it, I don’t want to waste the chances and opportunities that I have now.

So for next week, I have set myself a task or list of things to do every day. From Saturday, I’m video editing Chrome Horse’s music video for their song ‘Death Row’. Kudos to the lads for their patience while I’ve been out of action.

I also have to start editing the IYMA’s, going to do a couple of versions, 2 minute clip, 25 minute promo and later and hour feature. There’s about 23 hours of footage there so that will be fun to get through.

Jimmy MacCarthy’s website is almost done, the site will be located at Everything should be up and running by the weekend, fingers xxxed

Hopefully I wont have fallen over at this stage, Tuesday I’m doing a new radio demo, something I haven’t done in about 18 years (He-he God I’m old!) Looking forward to getting back to ‘Nessy on the Radio’ on DCUFM but if the opportunity arises I’d like to push the radio thing a bit more. Its a long time since I did behind the scenes work on LMFM or did the stringer/voiceover work on Northern Sound. I have audio cassette recordings somewhere of these I must try and find them and put them online.. I have have cassettes from Energy Radio in Navan circa 1996, must have a look over the weekend…

Next week I’m also hopefully starting to film for the ‘Let it all out’ video for Nucentz and Rawsoul, have the studio to play with, just waiting to find out what day suits everyone.

When you can’t move around, you get frustrated but its also a good time to write, albeit (i love that word) leg elevated in front of desk. I find that my lack of sleeping can actually be good for ideas for videos, short stories, whatever so I’m thinking of buying a netbook that I can type away on in bed. Had a quick look around and with the recommendation of Mr Cian Markey (multimedian at large), I’ve come to the conclusion that a Samsung N110 might be a good buy… now to get a good deal!

It’s taking me ages to get better, a DVT is a lot more serious I guess, than I thought and it seems to take the system a hell of a long time to get rid of it… I want to know why no one has invented a Nanobot has is ingested into the system, eats the DVT and then dissolves… nevermind developing the technology to pull a satelite to earth with a string, hurry up and do the medical stuff! Pronto!

It’s a steep climb but I’ll be running up that hill..

…nessy out!