Resurrection Fern: Transcend Mortality Review

ResurrectionFernThis is an album that somehow managed to slip through without me getting to it this year. Resurrection Fern are together since 2008 and ‘Transcend Mortality’ was released at the end of June. Bad me..

So what’s it like? I got a nice surprise actually. Once the words Resurrection or Mortality are mentioned I automatically think of some death metal stuff. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Resurrection Fern are an alternative folk ensemble, led by songwriter Bean Dolan.

The album starts with ‘Brothers’, a great crossover track with layered vocals and a distinct  Americana/country styled vibe. The tempo track is built up from guitar and double bass and is a fantastic introduction to the band. At 6.18 It’s a little long for radio but if It were me, I’d be doing a radio edit and getting to the States with this one.

Instrumental track ‘Fasten The Clamp’ sees the band introduce a little Irishness to proceedings in the shape of a whistle. Not being a fan of trad ( I know shoot me), this is just enough without going overboard.

The album dips a little with the slower/lower register tracks but excel during more upbeat numbers. ‘Hummingbird Heart’ shows off the vocal talents of Dolan and the female backing vocalist. During ‘Stay in the Sun’, the musicianship and vocals are perfectly balanced for a magical ride.

During the more uptempo tracks Dolan’s vocals are clear and strong and this gives the whole sound an added dimension. ‘Two Days Driving’ shows this off perfectly.

Finishing off with ‘When You’re Weary, Come Home’, Resurrection Fern bookend a really good record. Some of these tracks could do really well on US country radio, given the market size that ain’t no bad thing. Resurrection Fern could take on the folk world – and win.