Reemo: Colours Review


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Reemo are no strangers to the Irish Music Scene and ‘Colours’ released on September 26th, is their debut album.

The band could be described as fitting into the Indie Pop Rock genre, the album opens with ‘Run’, an uptempo number. ‘Colours’ features the singles ‘Chocolate Covered Gorgeous’ and ‘Sometimes’.

‘Chocolate Covered Gorgeous’ has a great bass line and sound but a little more genius in the production and overall band sound is needed to make the track reach it’s full potential.

The album also features the reworked ‘Circus’, the title track from an earlier EP and ‘Dancing Lights: The Ballad of Jacqui Caroll’ which seems to tip hat in the Duran Duran direction. More of those harmonies please.

Standout track for this reviewer is ‘Sometimes’, standing head and shoulders above the others, good build up, good hooks, nice production. The extra vocals on the track make a huge difference.

The band also include extended versions of ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Chocolate Covered Gorgeous’ on the album.. wonder why they didn’t include the tracks ‘Who you are’ and ‘Rushin’ Man’ which went Top 40.

It’s not a bad album, just an extra bit of sparkle about some hooks in the songs and instrument sounds could make all the difference.

4 out of 6

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