Red Dog: Movie Review

RedDogWhen it comes to animals in movies, you’ll either get me to fall in love with it or detest it, there’s no middle ground. ‘Cats and Dogs’, definitely not my kind of movie. ‘Red Dog’ though, had me within moments. It tells the story of how one little doggie can affect so many lives in a small outback mining village in Australia as he searches for his true master.

‘Red Dog’ is directed by Kriv Stenders and based on a true story. While the story may be a little predictable and although tinged with sadness, there are also lots of laughs. The script is clever, the story is told to a trucker by the village locals as they explain how a hitchhiking dog has touched all their lives.

Josh Lucas plays the lead role of ‘John Grant’ while the gorgeous Rachael Taylor, who is currently staring in the TV remake of Charlie’s Angels, plays his love interest, Nancy. They are brilliantly supported by a motley cast who portray the mining community. And, we can’t forget Koko the dog,who recently won ‘Best Dog in A Foreign Film’at the Golden Collar Awards in Los Angeles.

I really like this film, it’s a simple story but it beautifully shows animal/human relationships. We get to see a part of Oz that we wouldn’t normally see and the sheer nothingness of what’s there. I really like the cinematography and the grading and loved the titles, both the main film titles and when introducing the locals. Will definitely watch this again, hopefully this time I won’t want to ball my eyes out.

Bring everyone you know to see Red Dog.