Ready for the next one – baseball and video!

Today is a good day! The new baseball season starts for the Giants and I can already feel my insomnia kick in!

Filming the IYMA’s (Irish Youth Music Awards) in the Village went well. Some fantastic acts with MGRB taking the crown.. fair play to them! Met some great young bands on Saturday. Its great to see such enthusiasm about music that I think a lot of people tend to lose as they get older. – Now all I have to do is start going throught the 22hours of recorded footage 🙂 I love my Z1!

Next project is filming the video for Chrome Horse! Have everything sorted and me and my trusty (what title will I give him?) associate Joe are ready and raring to go! Filming is now just ten days away.

Finally started doing the new Nessy Productions website so that should be up in the not too distant future

That’s it for now – two and a bit sleeps til Paris!

… nessy out!