Radio Interview // I was featured on Garden of Sound, New Zealand


About a month ago, I got a call from an old friend asking if he could chat to me for his radio show, Garden of Sound on Plains FM in New Zealand.

I worked with the very talented, Ian Turner, for about three years here in London. While I moved on to another position, Ian moved back to his native New Zealand.

I’ll be honest, even though, I present a radio show and I keep a blog, I have never really spoken to anyone at length about how I got into music, working with bands and I guess, the Evolution of Nessy (there ye go! That’s the title for my book).

Of all the people, who could have asked me to do this, I was delighted it was Ian. He’s a good guy, knows his radio, knows his music, has skills (I’ve seen him bowling while doing karaoke) and, being quite honest with you, I trust him.

Ian and his wife Natasha (co-founder of The Nephalist) work to bring alcohol free lifestyle events incorporating music, dance and the arts to New Zealand Both Ian and Natasha are excited about the depth of talent in Canterbury area and Garden of Sound allows them to share this talent, much like how I love to share our Irish talent on The London Ear.

You can find out all about the episode of Garden of Sound here.

I chat about music, Ireland’s showbands, the first gig I went to, working with bands, I give up and coming acts a couple of tips as well as playing songs from Sophie B Hawkins, Garbage, The Beat Poets and a track that will always remind me of the first time I saw George Michael live.

You can also play / download the interview here.

Also.. can someone remind me to update my Twitter bio with whatever Ian said about me in the intro? I sound awesome!! Thanks Buddy! I truly do appreciate your time, I know how much goes into this.

Ian has put together a Spotify playlist of some of the tracks and the artists that I mentioned during our interview. Have a listen and show your support.

You can also find Garden of Sound on Facebook.