QR Codes and Scanlife

Nessymon.com Scanlife

These little QR codes have become a slight fascination of mine since I was first introduced to them by Hitman Lord and especially lately, I was thinking of putting one on new business cards.

So one sleepless night I decided (tonight) I decided I’d make a QR code for nessymon.com I went to Scanlife and set up an account, which took all of thirty seconds. I literally out my domain url in and then hit create. This post has taken longer to write.

I was given the option of downloading and was given embedding the code to link to the code. I opened the code and immediately scanned it the Scanlife app on the andriod, I can can see why it’s called a Quick Response code, I was immediately taken to nessymon.com I also tried it with the Barcode Scanner app and had the same result.

Brilliant! I couldn’t believe that the database for these codes was updated instantly and effective immediately. These codes will be able to do everything for us shortly. Once it’s figured out how we can verify paying for goods, we could actually be going for The Fifth Element.