#Project365: 221-230

Rusty pillar of the West Pier in Brighton

#Project365: 221-230

Something happened during lockdown.

I really didn’t want to take any photos. I didn’t have the motivation to actually get my camera out. I think that could be for two reasons.

Reason Number One: I was working everyday from home. Believe me, I know I’m lucky to have been able to work from home and lucky that I have a job. That meant that everyday, between Monday to Friday, 930-530 I was sitting at my computer, in my bedroom doing what I would be doing if there was no lockdown. When work was over, I just wanted to get away from the computer, from editing from all that stuff.

Reason Number Two: As I was shielding, thanks to my dodgy immune system, I didn’t leave the house for almost two months. I went to the supermarket once a week for three weeks. My last day out was April 11. I was indoors until June 6. Although I didn’t mind being indoors, at all, (I actually quite liked it), the world became a smaller place so I just wanted to chill.

In the last week or so, I’ve started delving into my phone to see what photos I have that I hadn’t put online. When I get the phone photos uploaded, I’m, going to start raiding my hard drives.

I like finishing something once I’ve started. Here’s the next batch of photos.

Image 221

Image 222

Image 223


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I took this photo from a plane on June 3 2017, on the way home to celebrate my Mum’s 70th birthday. It’s her birthday tomorrow and hopefully it won’t be too long before we see each other again. I haven’t been at all good with uploading photos over the past while. Probably as I always prefer newest photos. I haven’t finished my 365 thingy. But I like to finish things once I start them. So, over the next little while, I’m going to share, firstly photos from my phone that I haven’t uploaded before and then, I will look through the hard drive. Hope you enjoy the view as we were descending into Dublin. 223/365 #dublin #plane #ferry #dublinlife #dublinigers #dublin4all #customhouse #dublindaily #riverliffey #dublino #visitireland #visitdublin #ireland #discoverireland #discoverdublin #tourist #travel #tourismireland #dublinmydarling #dubliner #instaireland #igdublin #dublinstagram #nessymon

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Image 224

Image 225

Image 226

Image 227

Image 228


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So we went for a walk yesterday and saw this guy. Second time outside the apartment since April 11. We went to our local park just before midday. It was nice to get out. There were lots of children around and to be honest, any busier than it was and I wouldn’t have felt comfortable. At least we met this guy and got to meet a few squirrels. 228/365 #london #mytinyatlaslondon #exploringlondon #swan #parklife #natureinthecity #birdsofinstagram #londonbylondoners #ig_london #londondisclosure #londoncollective #bird #metropolis_london #itssolondon #londonist #london_city_photo #mysecretlondon #londonguru #londonforyou #londonstreets #thelondonlifeinc #wildlife #london_enthusiast #thelondonear #nessymon

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Image 229

Image 230

I hope you like the photos, I’d love to hear your comments.