George Michael The Point Depot Dublin 2006 nessymon

Poor Old Georgie Boy // George Michael

British singer George Michael arrives at court

George Michael has been a musical hero of mine since I was about 10/11, basically his entire career. Instead of studying for my Inter certificate in school I was able to recite all of George’s Faith album.

‘Wham Rap, Careless George Loses his Freedom’, the cleverest non corny headline from yesterdays Times. George got jail and seemingly isn’t coping with it too well. Musically George can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned but driving with drugs or alcohol in your system isn’t on.

If he wants to sit at home and get stoned out of his head, well, that’s his business but once he attempted to drive, not only did he put himself in danger, he also and more importantly, put members of the public in danger. As it wasn’t his first offence he deserved to be punished. In a way, George’s incarceration shows other high profile figures that it doesn’t matter who you are, the justice system is the justice system and won’t be changed for you.

For me, I hope that this give George the opportunity and the realisation to do something serious to get over his drug addictions. His talent is too much to waste. He’ll always be God to me.. Here’s hoping that his stint inside will give him a kick to make music like this again.