Playlist // #NessysCommute

Train station full of commuters

It’s absolutely no secret that I think that one of the worse things about London is the commuting on the trains. I mean, no easy way to put it, I bloody hate it.

Squished trains, smelly armpits, rude arseholes who just won’t take their backpacks off and so hit you in the face. Yip, hate it.

If I can I tend to try and get the commute done a little bit earlier than the majority at our local train station. I could get a later train but it would be more squishy. I’ve seen a physical fight on the platform where one guy couldn’t / wouldn’t move down the train so he was pulled out the open door by some one on the platform.  Putting it nicely, life is too short for that shit.

So, a couple of months ago, to keep me busy on the train and avoid contact (if possible) with all the squishers,  I decided that I would start sharing a song I was listening to on my Instagram stories.  I put them all in a highlight for some reason. So I’ve decided to create a playlist on Spotify, imaginatively called ‘NessysCommute’.

Everyday I add a song with an accompanying visual to my Insta story and then add the track to the top of my Spotify playlist.

I’ve shared so many before I thought of adding them to a playlist, that I’ve run out of space in the Insta highlights. Here’s the current highlight with all the visuals.

So, hope you enjoy!