Playlist: #NessysCommute 2020

Night time Traffic London

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know by now that the worst thing about living in London is the morning commute. I truly detest it. I hate the rammed trains.

I’m not sure whether it’s just because it’s January, or whether people are getting angrier and pushier but yesterday, I got pushed around three times from when I left work until I got home. Like proper pushed, if I were unsteady on my feet, I would have hit the ground.

So that’s why last year, I started sharing the songs I was listening to during my commute. I put a visual (photo or video) of my commute on Instagram and share a song alongside it.

You can find everything in my Insta stories which you can find here.

This is the second week of 2020 that I’ve been sharing these songs and as a lover of new music, I try to share as much as I can.

Duke Dumont shares Nessymon's Insta Story

It was lovely last week, when I shared Duke Dumont‘s new track, Therapy. He actually shared it on his own stories and said:

‘Funny thing .
I made this record with the sense of escapism I used to go to in my mind, when I had to commute from Willesden to Elephant & Castle for work.’

That’s exactly why I share the tracks I listen to. I’m glad other people get it and delighted that one of the artists I was listening to got it straight it away.

These are the songs I’m listening to each morning, you can listen to the playlist directly on Spotify or in the box below.

Hope you enjoy, let me know what you’re listening to!