Pearse McGloughlin: Twine EP Review

Pearse McGloughlin Twine EPThis originally appeared on Goldenplec.

Pearse McGloughlin, while remaining slightly under the radar, has placed himself as one of Ireland’s best emerging artists. Following on from last year’s ‘Busy Whisper’, McGloughlin has released a 4 track EP, ‘Twine’.

Opening with the title track, the EP is a step forward for McGloughlin. Its minimalist, with sparse production.  This though, gives each instrument and vocals room to breathe.  ‘Twine’ introduces us to the EP with McGloughlin’s vocal and guitar  joined by violins and percussion. Clever overlaying of violins lines give this track a rich quality while Maria Blackwell adds ghostly layered backing vocals.

Morning Mist (The Birds) is more uptempo than the opener. It’s easy to imagine how this track would sound with a full band sound from this production. Again, layered chorus vocals build ‘The Birds’ refrain up to a crescendo. Subtle tints of whistle and great string arrangement turn this into something special. ‘Mercedes and The Kingfisher’ is a haunting track, giving McGloughlin’s vocals and lyrics centre stage. Guitar and harmonica compliment here.

‘Sphereosphere’, finishes off the EP with 2 minutes and 30 seconds of intelligent lyrics, beautiful vocals, harmonies and uplifting rhythms. The track builds up beautifully combining all the elements we have heard in the EP and cleverly ends without overstaying its welcome. Divine.

This is an amazing stepping stone between albums, can’t wait for the next chapter.