Pavesi EP Review

pavesiTaking their name from the old ballroom where they practised, Pavesi are a four piece from Donegal. They’ve just released a three track EP.

The EP opens with ‘East Side’ a melodic mid tempo track. There’s nothing wrong with the track, it all just seems a tad safe and a bit formulaic. The chorus has a nice little hook, it just needs more of a build up into it to differentiate itself from the verse. There are also two instrumental breaks, in a four minute song it seems a bit overkill and slightly drains the energy from the song. The last minute of the song is entirely instrumental. Cut that off, you’ve a better chance of radio play.

From the opening notes of ‘Shake’ I’m asking if this is the same band, there seems to be more energy to the song. The drum/guitar into works well and is a lot more contemporary than the previous track but somehow falls back into a safe mode.

Listening to the two tracks, it seems that the band may have over produced themselves. While the tracks are mid-tempo, and well thought out, again there’s not enough definition in the production and mix for this writer.

Turnaround Year is the best track on the EP, perhaps the band used a different producer. There are more highs and lows to Turnaround Year, the instruments are better mixed together. Much better all round.

The first two tracks just are too safe and there’s nothing we haven’t heard from other bands here. Turnaround Year seems to be from a different collection altogether. More of that one please.

This was written for MusicReviewUnsigned