Paris was amazing!


Back a week already but I haven’t had a chance to post anything about my Paris trip. We went to the Louvre on Friday to have a look at The Funeral of Mona Lisa by Yan Pei-Ming – which if you get the opportunity to see you have to.

The subtlety in the painting is awesome – you have to look, then look away, then look back again to truely get everything in the scene.

Also had a good look at the Egyptian exhibition and saw some hieroglyphic stone work.

lachapelle paris

David LaChapelle’s exhibition on Saturday was outstanding! You have to see his photographs during one of his exhibitions to truely appreciate them. When I walked into Musee de la Monaie on Quai de Conti and first image I see is Courtney Love: Pieta – all eight foot of it.

I was really pleased when I read the descriptions and realized I pretty much got what LaChapelle thought Check out my essay on this blog

His 3D, layered images just have to be seen up close, pictures in books don’t do him justice! Check out his piece Holy War, layers of images using lights and multimedia screens bring flames and fire to life.

The weekend just confirmed that I’m living in the wrong city!

Check out Flickr for Photos!