P.S. Things I learned about Ireland


Last night I settled down to watch P.S. I love you, probably about time I did, seeing as Cecila Ahern who wrote the book is from down the road.

On top of that meself and her Da go way back.

Obviously the book got the Hollywood Makeover along the way and all in all it was a pleasant enough journey. There were a few things though I though were a bit mad. Since the film was made both Whelans (or as they say Whaleans) of Wexford st, Dublin and Yankee Stadium had been renovated or rebuilt. oh did I mention the accent..

So here’s a list of things I learned about Ireland from PS. I Love you

  1. Every Irish guy plays a guitar
  2. All Irish male musicians are hawt! (er no!)
  3. They all wear silver rings and leather bracelets
  4. Although they look like rockers, Irish musicians all play folky stuff and everyone sings Galway Gurl all the time
  5. Everyone has a dresser in the kitchen
  6. The road to Dun Lauch aire goes up a hill and turns into a lane with grass growing up the middle of it
  7. Every Irish person says Ayerland
  8. Everyone knows everyone (possibly true)
  9. Everyone drinks Guinness and Jameson ALL the time (possibly true)

Here’s a trailer: Let me know if I missed anything

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