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OPEN FM logo

Had an interview today for OpenFM, its a temporary licensed Dublin based station which will be broadcasting in June for ten days.

Here’s a bit from the OPEN FM website

OpenFM, the station which is proud to celebrate diversity, will be Ireland’s first gay culture radio station, which aims to reduce preconceptions and stereotypes had about the LGBT community. Hoping to promote openness among everyone in Dublin and provide the straight community an insight into gay life. OpenFM will feature a guide to what’s happening during Dublin’s Pride Week. OpenFM is non-profit organisation with all additional funds going to a chosen charity

Nice bunch a people and it would be a nice challenge. I like their outlook!

Plus I hate the thought of not doing any live radio over the Summer..

Edit: April 2 2010
Just found out last night that I will be working on OpenFM – looking forward to it! Not sure exactly what role I will be in yet, will find out soon.. Woohoo!