Online PR with Mulley Communications

I’m a bad person I was supposed to write this ages ago.. flus and college assignments got in the way so – my apologies to Damien.

Firstly, thank you so much, this first course was provide gratis and for nothing. This opened my eyes and mind to a different way of looking at Online PR, developing strategies and how to look at things instead of just plonking stuff into cyberspace.

The day long course looked at

The day also featured a chat with Darragh Doyle of who had first hand knowledge that week of how do deal with an online crisis.

I found the day to be really enjoyable, as well as meeting some really nice people, I learned a lot. It all made so much sense but you have to look at everything is a certain way to see it, otherwise it would go straight over many people’s heads. I particularly love the Crisis Communications section and what’s the best way to get around these things are and how to combat negative attention online.

Kudos to Mulley Communications, anyone who has online interaction would do worse than to attend of their courses. I would recommend this course and I would gladly pay for it.

Edit: I’m such a clown sometimes.. I had this written at the beginning of February and never published it. Apologies to Damien, I’d do the course again, just might actually!