Olympic Flame visits Croke Park

Today was a long day but it was one that I will always remember. An early start meant that I was in Croke Park at 820 am, waiting for the Olympic Torch to be brought along the Etihad Skyline by GAA legend Henry Shefflin. It would be handed over to the next torch bearer.

We were sitting in the top deck of the Hogan Stand and we didn’t get to see that much really but it was a great honour to be there. As Henry Shefflin was desending from the roof, we waited outside for him and here we all got a wave from Henry and we also got to see the flame and its holder up close.

This is the flame that never goes out. The first torch on the route is lit from this, then the second from the first torch but the flame is a type of miners safety lamp that is kept lit and if there’s a problem lighting a torch, they go back to this flame for back up. It looked pretty cool with its embossed London 2012 emblem.

This is just a little video I took of what happened this morning, Sebastian Coe, or should I say Lord Coe, was there and he was on the way over to chat before he was told to hurry up. I remember being tiny watching him, Steve Ovett and Steve Cram run in the Olympics, he was always my favourite.

Henry Shefflin was an amazing ambassador this morning and as I was leaving, after the flame had been passed on to the next torch bearer, Henry was on his way back into Croke Park when he was mobbed by school kids wanting their photo with him. By the look on all their faces, he loved it as much as the kids did.

Finally, I have to thank Cory for asking me to be her guest this morning x.