Nova Static: Nova Static EP Review

Nova StaticLaois band Nova Static have been knocking around the Irish music scene for a couple of years but recently seem to have a growth spurt supporting a couple of UK touring bands. Their self titled EP is a good introduction.

The E.P. starts with ‘Seven’ a moderate tempo rock track. The band show good musicianship throughout. With a nod to contemporary indie the band have produced some great  double tracked vocals. This though is one of those songs that you think is over and starts up again. Not entirely sure that’s needed here as the ending is all instrumentation. 

I would have put ‘Saving The World At The Weekend’ as the first track, it’s an uptempo pop rock track. It  features a shouty refrain which would go down well in a live setting.  It clocks in at just over 4 minutes, a radio edit, making this closer to three minutes might be an idea. This is as good as anything currently on the XFM playlist.

The band show that their time together is paying dividends, songwriting and production tricks can be heard. They also seem to be able to get the singalong chorus down. ‘Tape It Off The Radio’ is guilty of this, in a very good way. ‘From the Fixtures’ builds up nicely. Good sound and musicianship. The only thing I would change is make the tracks tighter by taking out some of the instrumental breaks. Otherwise, these guys have a good sound and show promise for the future.